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Certified Mail and Distribution System Manager (CMDSM), is a certification program from the Mail Systems Management Association. This is nationally recognized and is over 15 years old. It is more involved than the EMCM program and takes longer to qualify. This is a self study course with testing at the MailCom Conferences. Check out their website under certification.
Executive Mail Center Manager (EMCM) is a certification program from the US Postal Service that was created in 2002 by mail professionals working with the USPS. This is a one-week program covering eight modules offered by the USPS’ National Center for Employee Development in Norman, OK for $1500 or it's offered at various times and over several weeks at Postal Customer Councils around the country. All modules must be completed to earn the certificate. Graduates are listed on the USPS website. This program is highly recommend for all mail center managers.
The U.S. Postal Service developed Mailpiece Quality Control (MQC) training to assist mailers, printers, and mailing services in increasing their knowledge of proper mailpiece design. The program is a self-study course designed to train mailers to develop mailpieces that meet the USPS goal of 100 percent automation compatibility. Mailpieces that meet USPS® regulations can significantly reduce postage costs and improve product deliverability. In addition, mailers who are knowledgeable of automation requirements can take advantage of automation discounts, which further reduce mailing costs. The MQC program should be considered for mailers, printers, advertising agencies, mail marketing and mail center managers.
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An integrated mail management tool that includes centralized payment processing and electronic postage reports. Electronic documentation eliminates paperwork for both the Postal Service and the mailer, making the process quick, easy and convenient. Mailers can check an account online and replenish it at any time. Both large and small volume mailers use Postal One today.
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